Conditions of Use

These Terms and Conditions ('GTC') cover the legal relationships established on the Company's website (hereinafter referred to as "the website") with the acceptance of the GTC.


The GTC was established with the aim of fixing the rights and obligations relating to the conclusion of contracts by the Undertaking and the User under the Civil Code, such as the consumer, as well as legal entities which are not regarded as consumers or entities without legal personality, created by means of a website, and to provide users with information on all relevant facts and circumstances relating to the creation of the contract and the provision of information society service.


The rights and obligations of the users set out in the GTC apply only to Consumers under the Civil Code.


The GTC, as a contractual term, shall unilaterally provide pre-defined content by the Company for the purpose of concluding several contracts, without the participation of the User, which is not individually discussed by the (other) party to the services of the Undertaking and website.

Products that can be purchased on the website (via) the website are available to those who have learned the content of the GTC before the conclusion of the contract and have accepted it.


Subject to the rights and obligations enshrined in the GTC and their definitions:

-       Undertaking: a person acting in his profession, self-employment or business

-       User: the natural or legal person or entity without legal personality who uses an information society service.

-       Consumer: a natural person acting outside his profession, self-employment or business.


The contents of this GTC have been compiled in accordance with the applicable law, in particular:

-       the provisions of the E-Commerce Convention on Consumer Protection, 1997; It is therefore appropriate to take into Law,

-       the 2001 Communication on certain aspects of information society services; In the 19th century, it was not necessary to Law

-       the 2013 Civil Code Act 2013. Law V of 2010, and

-       amending Protocol No 45/2014 on detailed rules for contracts between the Consumer and the undertaking (26 II) Gov. Regulation.



Please read the contents of the GTC carefully before ordering on the website.



   1. Business-related data


a.) Business details

Executive Name:

Őrsi Attila

Company name:

Cameleon Textil Ltd.


1097 Budapest, Soroksári Road 164.

E-mail address:

Phone number:


Name of registrant:

Budapest Commercial Court

Company registration number:


Tax number


EU Tax No.



   2. General provisions

2.1 | Language of the contract

These Terms and Conditions and the language of the website, administration and complaint handling are in Hungarian and English.

Article 2.2 Formality, filing and subsequent availability of the contract

From a legal point of view, orders placed on the website (electronic order forms) are not a declaration of law in writing but in the form of referring behaviour. In view of the fact that the acceptance of the GTC does not constitute a written contract, the Company does not individually register the contract with the User, but records the date of the conclusion of the contract and stores , and makes available on the website, all GTC (they are provided with the date and version of the entry into force) and thus becomes available to both the Undertaking and the User at any later date.


The contents of the GTC are primarily available in text format on the opening page of the Company's website. In order to ensure that the GTC is stored in the same form, the Company also publishes the GTC in PDF format. The Company shall provide the GTC with the date and version number of the date of its publication and, if modified, publish the revised GTC. The amended GTC will not enter into force unless the User has given its express consent, which can be consented to by the User's acceptance of the GTC at the next purchase.


Article 2.3 Code of Conduct

The Company has not joined the Code of Conduct under the Law prohibiting unfair commercial practices towards consumers, so there is no code of conduct for the commercial practices of this website.


Article 2.4 How digital data is stored and how it works with hardware and software

The website uses the HTTP protocol to display web documents over the Internet - on its HTML website - to the User.

Images, graphics, video and audio clips transmitted in this way (based on HTTP) and other data can be accessed through any modern browser (the most recent versions of known browsers) on any device capable of running those browsers.

In order to ensure compliance with the user experience, the User must ensure that the right speed of Internet access is available to the right browser.

Purchasing on the website assumes that the User is aware of the technical and technical limitations of the Internet and accepts the potential for error associated with its use.

A Business is not responsible for incorrect transmission of data transmitted on the Internet and malfunctions on the Internet which hinder uninterrupted purchases, for whatever reason.


Article 2.5 Digital data content and applicable technical protection measures

Your use of this website does not pose a risk to the User's computer, but the Company recommends that the User use antivirus software or install security updates for the operating system. It is the responsibility of the User to protect the data on the User's computer.

Anyone can place a link to this website on their website without the company's specific consent. It is forbidden to place a link in such a way that it displays the Website as part of another site.


   3. Products available for purchase

3.1 | Products available for purchase on this website

The Company shall indicate in detail on the website the name of the product, the essential characteristics of the products, such as the price of the product, the unit price, the additional costs (in particular the costs of transportation and packaging) and the photos/photos of the product. In some cases, images displayed on the product datasheet may differ from reality and may be used as illustrations.

The prices displayed for the products are in HUF, including statutory VAT and packing costs, but do not include the home delivery fee and, in the case of cash-stipends, the cash handling fee for the cash that is payable in addition to the gross price.


If a special price is indicated, the Company will fully inform the User of the promotion and its parameters.



   4. General order of purchase

Orders can only be made through the w ebsite, 24 hours a day.


In all cases, the obligation to make a contractual declaration to order a product or service (acceptance of the GTC) will always result in a payment obligation!


   5. Contracting process

5.1 . Steps and technical terms and conditions of the contract

a. The product you can buy can be placed in the cart by clicking on the words "Put it in cart" or by clicking on the button with the same inscription on the product's side. There are products that are available with several parameters, in which case you need to select the required size, color, etc., and then the desired quantity according to the quantity unit specified for that product. You can buy more than one product at a time.

b. Once added to the cart, the products in the basket can be opened by clicking on the "Basket" button in the header of the website, where it is possible to delete and change the quantity of products added to the cart. You can also open the cart with the basket icon at the top right of the website at any time during the purchase process.

C.        Basket contents
You can change the quantity of products in your cart to the customer's preference (by rewriting the quantity or selecting from the drop-down list).
Note that if you change the quantity, you must click on the button labeled "Update cart" to update the contents of the cart. You can delete the product by clicking on the small "Trash" icon at the end of the line of the product you want to delete.
The total gross amount of the products in the basket at the "Subtotal", the shipping fee is next to "
Delivery", the total total amount payable is next to "Grand Total".
If you want to continue shopping, you can do so by clicking on our icon in the upper-left corner or by clicking on the "Category" menu item. In case you want to complete your purchase, you must click on the "Checkout" button.

D.    Checkout
By entering the cashier, you can log in to the already registered User (if you are not already logged in) by clicking on "Click here to log in". After clicking, you enter your username or email address and password and then click on the "Sign in" button.

If you are not already a Registered User but want to be a registered member, you must check the check box before "Create an account?" under "Billing Information"). (this allows you to initiate a purchase registration).
In the event that the User does not wish to log in or register, he/she can purchase as a guest (without registration).

Billing and shipping information
The User can enter billing information at the cashier, or if you want to request delivery to an address other than the billing address, check the check box before "Shipping to another address?" and then enter the requested address information.
For registered Users, if they log in, this information will automatically appear, no need to re-enter, but if a change has occurred, the data can be rewritten.
For shipping details, you can enter notes intended for the courier or the Business of the courier or the Business, such as: call me on arrival, or the doorbell number 4, or to request that the order be fulfilled on, say, a fixed day, etc.

Order content and payment information
Here you can review the order details, such as the name of the goods to be ordered, their gross amount (subtotal) and the shipping fee, and the gross total amount to be paid.
If the User wants to change their order, they must go back to the cart and correct it as described above. If the User has found everything correctly, they must select the payment method.
You can select the one from the payment methods by clicking on the small circle before the listed options. After selection, the User will receive further information about the payment method chosen.

Close order
If the user has selected the payment method, he/she must accept the GTC and, if he creates his/her account with the order, declare the reading and understanding of the Data Management Notice by clicking (ticked) the small marker box before the statement.
To close the order, the User must click on the button "Send an order".

After placing the order, if the User has chosen a non-credit card payment method, the order will be confirmed on the website, where the User who placed the order can review the order information again.
If the User has chosen the credit card payment method, the online payment interface will be available when the order is activated, where the user can fulfil his/her payment obligation. The total amount to be paid is included in all costs, based on the total of the order!


e. The User will receive an e-mail confirmation of his consumer contract by the Company immediately and at the latest within 48 hours of the activation of the order (hereinafter referredto as confirmation). The confirmation shall include the description, quantity, quantity, unit price, total value, delivery and shipping cost (shipping costs include parcel fee, cash handling fee and packaging), link to applicable Process/Termination Notice and link to download the sample withdrawal/termination statement as an indication of payment method.

f. The information of the contract created is final and cannot be changed by the Buyer after it has been sent.

g. If the confirmation is not received by the User within the prescribed time limit, the User shall be exempted from the obligation to tender or contractual obligation. The order and its confirmation shall be deemed to have been received by the Company or the User when it becomes available to theUser. A company disclaims responsibility for confirmation if the confirmation does not arrive on time because the User has entered the wrong email address during the order or is unable to receive a message due to the saturation of storage for the User's email account.

h. Orders are processed on working days from 10:00 to 16:00.

Company reserves the right to refuse all or part of the orders already confirmed. Partial performance can only take place after consultation with the User!

j. If the processing reveals that the order cannot be fulfilled, the Company will reject it and notify the recipient of the reason for the refusal to the e-mail address. After the rejection, the User may re-order on the website.

k. If the Company fails to fulfil its contractual obligation because the product specified in the contract is not available to it, the Contractor shall inform the User thereof without delay and the Company shall refund the amount paid by the User without delay, but not later than 30 days. In fulfilling this obligation, Undertaking shall not be exempted from other consequences of breach of contract.

l. The Consumer-Goods User may exercise his right of withdrawal in accordance with the rules of withdrawal, where possible in relation to the product purchased.


Article 5.2 Fix data entry errors

The goods placed in the basket and the parameters (in particular type and quantity) that can be selected during the order may be modified if required. The user can modify the data entered after entering the cart - at any time during the purchase process, at any time before the order is sent (activated) - or in the verification interface at the end of the order process.


In addition, Your Business displays an error message when entering incomplete or incorrect (inappropriate characters) data entry.


Article 5.3 Payment, transport, delivery and delivery

a. Payment

15.2.2. Cash or card payments in our store

You have the option of paying for the product in cash or by credit card in our store.

15.2.3. Forward-forward

We will send you an e-mail copy of the invoice, on the basis of which the transfer may be made. Once the purchase price has been received on our bank account, the ordered goods can be picked up or delivered at our premises. The original of the invoice will be handed over together with the goods.

15.2.4. Online payment

When finalizing your order, you have the option to use Adyen to settle your account in our webshop.


Payment is made in HUF or EUR for all payment methods.

b. Time limit for completion

In the case of a supply of goods, the Undertaking shall, in the case of the ordered product, fulfil its obligation to deliver the product within 2-4 working days.

The deadline for ordering our products in external stock is 1-2 weeks. In our confirmation – by telephone or e-mail – we provide accurate information on the expected delivery time and conditions of the ordered products (not in the automatic confirmation).


c. Transport

If the product is supplied, the package contains the ordered product.

The package contains the first copy of the order invoice, which we can continue to send electronically if the product's destination does not match with the financial department.

Packages are delivered on working days from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Transport/transport fee: Weight accounting with GLS Partner Company.



d. Service when purchasing a product

Delivery means the delivery of the goods to the User. In the event that, during the period indicated by the Company, the User is unable to complete the receipt of the goods, the User may, after the confirmation, name another adult person in writing (by e-mail) as the holder of the receipt.

In the event that the delivery address or the note regarding the receipt is unclear, the Company will consult the User by telephone. In such cases, delivery will be arranged if, after the above consultations, the information necessary for delivery has been clarified.


The User is obliged to inspect the package at the time of delivery in front of the courier and request a record in the event of any damage to products and packaging, and is not obliged to take over the package in the event of damage. Subsequent, non-protocol complaint sit- no-

e. Service barrier and its material consequences

A service barrier shall be deemed to be an obstacle to service if, during the time interval specified in the confirmation, neither the User nor the person entitled to receive it are present at the specified place and time of delivery. In this case, the Undertaking or its partner in charge of transport will attempt to contact the User, first on the spot and at the specified e-mail address in the absence of an immediate reply by telephone, in order to re-match the place and time of delivery. In the event of ineffective contact, the Company shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract and shall send written notice to the Consumer at the e-mail address.


If the obstacle to disclosure is that the person named by the User as entitled to receive is not yet 18 years of age or cannot be satisfied with certainty, the Undertaking or its sending agent shall attempt to re-negotiate with the User as previously specified and, in the event of ineffectiveness, shall withnore the contract.


The redundancies set out above constitute an event attributable to the user's conduct or to its interests, for which, in the event of withdrawal, the Undertaking is entitled to the licence fee for the delivery.




   6. Right of withdrawal in the case of users who are consumers

The Consumer shall be entitled to withdraw from this contract without giving reasons within 14 days.

Withdrawal/termination period:

-       in the case of a contract for the sale of a product, expire 14 days after the date on which the product is taken over by the Consumer or by a third party designated by the Consumer, other than the carrier.


If the Consumer wishes to exercise his right of withdrawal/termination, he must send a clear statement of his intention to withdraw/terminate (e.g. by post, fax or e-mail) to the Address of the Undertaking. For this purpose, you may also use the Withdrawal/Termination Statement model that the Company may download from the Confirmation or from the Company's website.


The Consumer shall exercise his right of withdrawal/termination on time if he sends his statement of withdrawal/termination before the expiry of the time limit set out above.


Effects of withdrawal/termination:

If the Consumer withdraws from this contract, we shall refund all consideration, including transport costs, provided by the Consumer without delay and no later than 14 days after receipt of the Consumer's withdrawal declaration (except for the additional costs incurred by the Consumer as a means of transport other than the cheapest normal mode of transport offered by the Undertaking).) The Undertaking shall use a payment method identical to the payment method used in the original transaction in the course of the refund, unless the Consumer expressly gives his consent to use another payment method; the consumer shall not be charged any additional costs as a result of the application of this method of reimbursement.

In the case of a contract for the sale of a product, the Company may withhold the refund until it receives the product back or the Consumer has verified that it has been returned (the Company takes into account the earlier of the two dates).

The Consumer shall return or deliver the product to the Undertaking without undue delay and at the latest within 14 days of the notification of his withdrawal declaration. The time limit shall be deemed to have been respected if you send the product before the expiry of the 14-day period.

The direct cost of returning the product shall be borne by the Consumer.

The Consumer shall be liable for depreciation in the product only if it occurred because of use that exceeds the use necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and operation of the product.

Addition to the sample prospectus under the Government Decree - Exceptions to the right of withdrawal in respect of products from the webshop; i.e. the Consumer shall not exercise his right of withdrawal in the following cases:
(a) in the case of a non-prefabricated product which has been produced at the express request of the Customer, or in the case of a product which is clearly tailored to the Customer;
(b) in respect of a product which is perishable or retains its quality for a short period of time;
(c) a closed-package product which, for health or hygiene reasons, cannot be returned after its opening after delivery (e.g. nutritional supplements);
(d) in respect of a product which, by its very nature, is inextricably mingled with another product after delivery.

(e) in the case of a non-prefabricated product which has been produced at the instructions of the Consumer or at the express request of the Consumer, or in the case of a product which is clearly tailored to the Consumer;
(f) in respect of a product which, by its very nature, is inextricably mingled with another product after delivery;
(g) with regard to sound or image recordings in sealed packaging and the sale of copies of computer software, if, after delivery, the consumer has opened the packaging.

The right of withdrawal does not belong to the undertaking, i.e. a person who is engaged in his profession, independent occupation or business.


   7. Warranty

The warranty , commonly known as a "guarantee", means that the guarantor (seller) is responsible for the correct performance in such a way that, in the event of a quality objection incurred during the warranty period, he is exempted from liability only if he proves that the cause of the defect was caused after the performance, typically due to improper use or handling of the product by the consumer.


The warranty claim can be claimed within the warranty period.


The period of the compulsory warranty is 1 month , the failure to comply with this time limit entails a loss of rights , the starting date of which is the delivery of the product to the User purchasing the product.


The Consumer may request the replacement of the product in the case of a quality objection arising during the (mandatory) warranty period. The undertaking shall endeavour to carry out the repair or replacement within a maximum of fifteen days, counting the return of the replacement product to the party granting the status.


In the event that the Company or the repair service has not made its replacement within 15 days of receipt or, where this is not possible (e.g. due to a lack of stock), the consumer is entitled to purchase the amount. In the event of a transfer of ownership of the property, the rights arising from the warranty may be exercised by the new owner against the guarantor. 


8. Warranty right to the Recipient


The warranty means that whatever the sale of any product, the Company (seller of the product, the party providing the service) is liable for the defect of the product (more precisely: a defect in the product at the time of purchase due to existing defects in the product).


In the context of the warranty, the purchaser is obliged to prove his 'truth', i.e. that the fault was already in the product at the time of purchase and that the defect was not caused by the customer's improper use. In the case of a guarantee, the rule governing consumer contracts, i.e. that is not a consumer under the PK, is not covered by this rule, and the rule which makes exceptions to the main rule is that in the event of an error recognised within 6 months of performance, it must be presumed (deemed) that the cause of the defect was already at the time of performance. The Company's liability for warranty is objective, i.e. whether it knew whether or not it had sold a product that had been defective (or, more precisely, errors).



The consumer shall communicate the defect immediately, but not later than 1 month after the discovery of the defect.



Other consumer rights and obligations: The Consumer may, at his choice, claim the following warranty claims: - may require replacement, unless the fulfilment of the guarantee of the choice is impossible to fulfil or if it would result in a disproportionate additional cost to the undertaking, compared to the fulfilment of another warranty claim, taking into account the value of the service in a faultless state, the gravity of the breach of contract and the damage to the right of interest caused by the right to creditor by the performance of the right of proprietor; or - If the requested product is not in stock, you can request another product specified in the same value or purchase it another time if the requested product is available again.



The Consumer may switch from his chosen right of guarantee to another, but the cost of the conversion shall be borne by the Consumer, unless justified or given rise to it by the Undertaking. 



The warranty guarantee is no longer enforceable after the limitation period!



When pursuing a warranty claim, the Consumer must prove the conclusion of the contract during the entire warranty period, i.e. no exceptions. If the Company disputes the conclusion of the contract, it shall draw the Consumer's attention to the possibility of making a complaint and the manner in which the complaint is handled. The conclusion of the contract is considered to have been proved by the Undertaking if the proof of payment of the consideration , invoice or receipt issued under the VAT Act, is presented by the Consumer.



The Company shall make consumer objections (announcement of warranty and warranty claims) in accordance with Article 19/2014 of the Consumer-Undertaking Agreement on the administration of warranties and warranties relating to matters sold under a contract between the consumer and the undertaking. (29 IV) (NGM) in a document entitled ' Jegyzőkönyv a fogyasztói kifogásokról' published by the Ministry of National Development.' 


9. Right of product warranty to the Consumer On the basis of the product warranty, the manufacturer is directly liable for the faulty movable(!) effect against the Consumer, but only against the Consumer (consumer) in the legal sense. In the case of a product warranty, the product is defective if it does not meet the quality requirements in force at the time of placing on the market (when the specific product is out of the manufacturer's control and not when the product type has appeared on the market) or does not have the characteristics of the manufacturer's specifications.


The product warranty shall be borne by the manufacturer for two years from the date of placing on the market of the product. However, this time limit for the enforcement of claims differs from the warranty period in so far as it is not a limitation period but a limitation claim, i.e. it is no longer possible to enforce a claim for a product guarantee. 



In the event of a change of ownership, the rights arising from the product warranty shall be vested in the new owner.


The Consumer may exercise his or her claim for product warranty only against the manufacturer or distributor of the movable property. The Consumer must prove the defect of the product if the product warranty claim is enforced. The consumer/consumer may, in particular, request a repair from the manufacturer. If repair is not possible within an appropriate time limit or without prejudice to the interests of the Consumer/Consumer, it may request a replacement. In other i.e. there is no way of monetary medicine, price delivery and withdrawal, since, as appropriate, no contract has been concluded between the manufacturer and the Consumer/Consumer, so that he cannot be 'transferred' or withdrawed from the contract. The manufacturer (distributor) shall be exempted from his product warranty obligation only if he can demonstrate that:


the product was not manufactured or marketed in the course of its business or,

-- according to the state of science and technology, it was not recognisable at the time of placing on the market or

--the defect of the product was due to the application of legislation or mandatory official regulations.

The manufacturer (distributor) has sufficient reason to be exempted. 



10. Minimum contractual period of the Consumer's obligations

Three-day exchange guarantee Under the Government Decree on a compulsory guarantee for durable goods, in the case of products covered by this Regulation, if the consumer makes a replacement claim within three working days of purchase (or commissioning) due to a failure of the consumer product. In this case, the undertaking may not rely on a disproportionate additional cost according to Pk. but is obliged to replace the consumer goods, provided that the failure prevents normal use.

In view of the fact that at the time of the mandatory warranty, the burden of proof is on the trader's side, so that in order to detect the manufacturing origin of the defect, the device may even be sent for advice.

In the case of a replacement request within three working days, the distributor cannot choose to repair the goods, but is obliged to replace the defective goods immediately, if there is the same article with the distributor, without prior examination, the legislation does not give the legislation the possibility of repairing the defective consumer goods immediately, and it follows, as a matter of course, the obligation on the distributor to immediately replace the defective consumer goods. 


  1. Warranty


In the case of durable goods not covered by the "three-day exchange guarantee" for which a government regulation provides for a mandatory warranty, the Consumer may exercise his warranty within one year of the date of purchase (or, in the case of a product requiring entry, from the date of computation). When validating a warranty claim, the warranty subject has 15 days to repair the product. If this is not met, the Consumer may also switch to another warranty law.


  1. Warranty


In respect of products marketed by the Undertaking, the Consumer may, within two years of the performance of the contract, exercise his prop-and-warranty (repair, exchange, price reduction or ultimately withdraw from the contract) if the defect of the product already existed at the time of purchase. The consumer shall communicate the defect immediately, but not later than two months after the discovery of the defect. The Consumer is no longer able to assert his warranty rights beyond the two-year limitation period from the date of performance of the contract.


  1. Product warranty


If the movable property purchased by the Consumer did not meet the quality requirements in force at the time of placing on the market or did not have the characteristics of the manufacturer's description, the Consumer may exercise his right to a product warranty within two years of the product being placed on the market (two years of limitation, non-limitation). (In the absence of a contract, the beginning of the limitation period is not the date of performance /purchase/ but the placing on the market by the manufacturer (when the specific product is removed from the manufacturer's authority and not when the product type appeared on the market). 


11. Complaint handling

a. First of all, contact the business with your complaint (the way in which the company handles complaints) The Company seeks to resolve complaints from the Consumer "in-house" and to the consumer's satisfaction and remedy it as soon as possible. The Consumer may communicate to the Undertaking a complaint, orally or in writing, of the conduct, activity or omission of the Undertaking or of a person acting on behalf of or on behalf of the Undertaking in connection with the distribution or sale of the goods to consumers.



Handling of oral complaint

The Company shall immediately examine the oral complaint received by it and remedy it as necessary. If the consumer does not agree with the handling of the complaint or if it is not possible to investigate the complaint immediately, the undertaking shall take a record of the complaint and its position and provide a copy thereof a copy thereof to the consumer locally in the event of a personal oral complaint,

(a) in the event of an oral complaint communicated locally to the consumer,

(b) in the event of an oral complaint communicated by telephone or other electronic communications service, to the consumer in writing on the substance, no later than 30 days after receipt of the complaint. If the Undertaking rejects the complaint, it shall give the consumer the reasons for his position rejecting the complaint.


The minutes of the complaint shall include:


a) the name and address of the consumer,

b) the place, time, manner in which the complaint was lodged,

c) a detailed description of the consumer's complaint, a list of documents, documents and other evidence presented by the consumer,

d) a statement by the undertaking on the consumer's position on the consumer's complaint, where an immediate investigation of the complaint is possible,

e) the signature of the person recording the minutes and, with the exception of oral complaints communicated by telephone or using other electronic communications services, the signature of the consumer,

f) the place, time of recording of the minutes,

g) in the case of an oral complaint communicated by telephone or other electronic communications service, the unique identification number of the complaint. 


The Undertaking is a consumer protection company with a 1000-year-old consumer protection law. It is therefore appropriate to take into In the event of an oral objection (or otherwise made by telephone or other electronic communications services) under the Law, it shall use the protocol published by the Ministry of National Development:



In case of written complaint

A written complaint received by the Company shall be answered and sent simultaneously to the Consumer in writing within 30 days of receipt of the complaint, which shall include the reasons for the refusal if the complaint is rejected.


In the event of rejection of a complaint, whether oral or written, the Undertaking shall inform the Consumer in writing of its negative position and, in addition to the reasons for its refusal, which authority or conciliation body may initiate proceedings by its complaint, according to its nature. The information shall also include the seat of the competent authority or of the conciliation body of the consumer's place of residence or residence, telephone and internet contact details and mailing addresses. The information shall also cover the use of the conciliation panel procedure in order to resolve the consumer dispute.


The Undertaking shall keep the minutes of the complaint and a copy of the reply for a number of years and present it to the inspection authorities at their request.


The Company receives consumer complaints by:

Postal address:

Kaméleon Textil Kft., H-1097 Budapest, Soroksári út. 164.

E-mail address:


b. Secondly, use the Online Dispute Resolution Platform


Domestic companies are obliged to cooperate with domestic conciliation bodies, otherwise they will be fined for consumer protection. The representatives of the companies also benefit from the online conciliation website, as they do not have to show up in person or the consumer, saving time and money. The dialogue between the parties to the dispute and the board is going on all the way across the web and they are making their offer to resolve them in just a few clicks.


After logging in after a simple registration, you can easily file your complaint via the online conciliation website. The complaint thus notified will be lodged with the Conciliation Board.


Once the matter has been brought to the conciliation body, a decision on the dispute settlement procedure will be taken no later than 90 days, and the procedural period may be extended only in exceptional cases. The procedure takes place entirely on the Internet, which is the greatest advantage of this dispute settlement procedure, since neither the Consumer nor the undertaking has to travel, they can conduct the Conciliation Board procedure from home and via the Internet.


More information about the Online Dispute Resolution Platform can be found via a link in the footer of the website.

c. Complaint handling directly with the assistance of the Conciliation Board

In order to settle the consumer dispute, the Company shall make use of the conciliation panel procedure in accordance with its legal obligation.


The purpose of the Board's procedure is to settle disputes between consumers and economic entities, i.e. entrepreneurs, by agreement between the parties. If no settlement is reached, the Conciliation Board will decide the matter by its decision, which must take into account the swift, effective and simple enforcement of consumer rights.


-The conciliation body shall be responsible for the extrajudicial settlement of consumer disputes relating to the quality,

-safety and application of the rules on product liability,

-as well as the conclusion and performance of contracts.


This means that if the service provided either under a sale or an entrepreneurial contract does not comply with the law, or if the contract is not provided by the buyer or the customer, the buyer or the customer can contact the Conciliation Board. It is therefore important that reconciliation can only be initiated by the consumer as an individual.


Address of the Conciliation Board in which the Undertaking is established:

Budapest Conciliation Board operated by the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Address:1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99.
Telephone.:06-1-488-2131 (customer reception time)


d. As a last resort, contact the Authority

If neither the Company nor the Conciliation Board has been able to rectify your complaint, please contact the district office responsible for the area as a last resort.


As of January 1, 2017, consumer protection authority tasks will be shared between the Ministry of National Development, the Pest County Government Office and the 197 districts of the country.


In consumer protection matters, the district offices will be the first instance. They can file a consumer protection complaint at any district office, but it is important to know that not all districts are involved in all consumer protection cases. (If the case in the complaint submitted does not fall within the jurisdiction or competence of the district concerned, the district concerned will forward it to the appropriate place) Only county districts have jurisdiction in each of the more prominent cases.



It is worth contacting the district offices (not in the county seat) in cases that go beyond the above, such as

- unit price, sales price,

- by addressing quality objections to products,

- failure to provide information on warranty, suspicion of inlegality,

- irregularities in general trading conditions

- the service of minors with tobacco, alcohol products and sexual products.


The search engine for the regional district office can be reached at the following link:


e. And if there is no other option left, as a last resort, ask the Court of Justice

If the above procedures do not result, you should contact the Court of Justice in order to establish the existence of a breach of contract and the legitimacy of the warranty claim, which is competent in your place of residence. 

12. Privacy

The Undertaking may, by law, use natural identity data and home addresses necessary for the purpose of establishing, defining, modifying, monitoring the performance of a contract for the provision of an information society service, and to invoicing the fees thereforion and the enforcement of claims relating thereto, without the consumer's consent.



The Company, the Consumer, will only process the personal data provided by the Consumer in the content recorded in the Data Management Notice.



The current version of the Data Management Notice is available at all times via a link in the footer of the website. 


13. Scope of the contract

This GTC is published on 2020.01.05.

This GTC, as an electronically filed contract declaration, becomes effective when it becomes available to the customer and, in the case of a contract for the sale of a product, is established for an indefinite period until such time as it is withdrawn or until the date of publication of the GTC with a new version number.



14. Final provisions

The Company has the right to unilaterally modify the GTC.


It is forbidden to download, electronically store the content displayed on the website or any details thereof (except: download and store the information notice and the website for its own purposes), to process and sell it without the written consent of the Company.


In the event that any part of this GTC becomes invalid, unenforceable or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining parts shall not be affected.



If the Undertaking does not exercise its right under the GTC, failure to exercise the right shall not be regarded as a waiver of that right. Any waiver of any right is valid only in the event of an express written declaration to that effect. The fact that the Company does not, on one occasion, strictly adhere to or to a substantive condition of the GTC does not mean that it waives its right to adhere to the strict compliance with that condition or clause.



The issues not covered by these GTC and the interpretation of this GTC shall be governed by Hungarian law. The mandatory provisions of the relevant legislation also apply to the parties without special clauses.




This GTC template is based on the GTC sample made available in the distribution of The GTC template is protected by copyright under the Copyright Act and is the exclusive intellectual property of the author, so it is forbidden to use it in any way without the author's permission, in particular its reproduction, distribution or revision. 


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