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Condizioni di vendita

Terms & Conditions

General Clauses

The general terms and conditions apply to every transaction between CAMELEON TEXTIL and the Buyer through the online shop,,,,,,,,

Operational terms:

Buyer – a person or company that issues an Order.

Seller – CAMELEON TEXTIL Ltd, with its headquarter in Oradea, sos. Borsului 38D, registered at the register of companies under J05/15/2011 number, with a compatible European VAT number: RO23791680 (might be checked up here:

Goods and Services – any goods or services, including the documents and services mentioned within the Order.

Order – an electronic document that acts as a communication form between the Seller and the Buyer, through which the Seller agrees to deliver Goods and Services and the Buyer agrees to receive these Goods and Services and to pay for them.

Contract – an Order that has been confirmed by the Seller.

Contractual documents

 By placing an electronic order within the following sites: ,,,,, ,,,, the Buyer agrees with the communication form (telephone or e-mail) by which the Seller unfolds its operations.

By confirming the order, the Seller totally accepts the terms of the Order. The order is considered accepted when the Seller confirms it verbally (by telephone) or electronically (by e-mail), without the need of reassurance from the Buyer. The Seller never considers a non-confirmed order as being a Contract.

The obligations of the Seller

  1. The Seller would use its professional and technical possibilities to reach the stipulated within the Order result and would deliver the Goods and Services that comply with the requirements, needs and specifications of the Buyer;
  2. The data presented within the site of the Seller, are of informative nature and might be changed by Seller without a previous notification. Also, for space limitation reasons and for keeping the consistency of the information, the products descriptions might be inexhaustive, but the Seller makes its best efforts to present the most relevant information, to make sure that the product might be used as intended. The color and texture elements are as close to reality, as the technical possibilities allow it, but some inexactitudes in terms of color and texture should be taken into consideration.
  3. The Seller would ship the Goods and Services to the Buyer through the door-to-door delivery system he collaborates with and at contractually established prices.
  4. The Seller would make sure that the Goods and Services are properly packed up and attended by adequate documentation.

Quantitative distribution of ordered fabric

- Cameleon Textil will deliver orders that do not exceed 10 m per color in one piece.

- The orders comprised between 10 m and 25 m per color will be delivered in maximum 2 pieces.

- The orders comprised between 25 m and one original pack roll per color will be delivered in maximum 3 pieces.


If you wish to receive fabric cut differently than we have mentioned above, please leave a comment to your order describing the way you wish to receive the fabric.

Note: Cameleon Textil SRL would do its best to deliver all orders in one piece per color.


Acceptable flaws

There are no acceptable flaws for orders that do not exceed 5 m.

For orders between 5 and 10 m a maximum of two flaws that do not exceed 5% of the surface of fabric, are acceptable.

For orders between 10 and 25 m a maximum of three flaws that do not exceed 5% of the surface of fabric, are acceptable.

For orders over 25 m flaws that do not exceed 5% of the surface of the fabric are acceptable.

If the flawed surface exceeds 5% of the fabric, Cameleon Textil will replace it on its own expense. Please note that we will only replace uncut fabric.


The right to intellectual property

The name of the site, as well as graphical symbols are registered trademarks of CAMELEON TEXTIL Ltd and cannot be undertaken, copied or used without the written approval of the owner.


The confidentiality policy

The personal information that the Buyer provides with the Seller, would remain the property of the Seller. It might be used only to complete the Contract stipulations. The clients’ data cannot be used or transferred to third parts.

The data of the credit/debit card needed for online payments access directly the bank system that operates the transaction, without being stocked on our servers. Read more about “3D-Secure” system within Politica sulla privacy.



If the terms of delivery of an Order fail to be regarded, the Seller is obliged to notify the Buyer about the estimated term of fulfillment of the delivery. The Buyer is granted the right to claim additional vexations from the Seller, if the law allows it, when the Seller fails to partially or totally meet the specifications of the Contract, in conformity with the established terms.

If the Buyer delays the payment of an Order, breaking the term provided within the invoice issued by the Seller, the Buyer agrees to pay penalties of 0,5% of the debt daily.

If the Seller is provided with inexact information for invoicing or shipping the products, a new delivery term, that won’t exceed 3 working days, must be established.

The acceptance

The acceptance of the products takes place when the Goods and Services are pursuant to the technical specifications mentioned within the Order. If the Buyer discovers that the delivered Goods and Services are not pursuant to the technical specifications, the Seller would bring the Goods and Services into conformity.

The transfer of the property

In the pay on delivery case (applies only on Romanian territory) the property upon Goods and Services would be transferred at the payment within the location indicated in the Order (delivery implies the signing of the transportation document offered by our courier). The courier is not authorized by the Seller to allow the Buyer to open the packages prior to the signing of the transportation documentation and paying for the Order.

In cases of online payment, the transfer of the property takes place by the confirmation of the payment.


Right of Withdrawal

You have the right to cancel your declaration of contract without stating a reason, in written form (e.g. e-mail, letter) or verbally (by phone). The return policy states a  fourteen (14) days period which starts the day after the day in which the goods were received.

Cancellation Policy

Provided that a Customer is consumer he shall have a right of withdrawal in accordance with the relevant statutory provisions. No such right of withdrawal exists if the Customer is a businessman that in concluding a legal transaction with the Supplier is acting in the execution of its commercial or independent business activity.

The cancellation has to be send to:

SC Cameleon Textil SRL

Sos. Borsului 38D

410605 Oradea


Fax: +40359 807383



Agreement on the costs for the return of goods

Should you choose to exercise your right of withdrawal, you have to bear the ordinary costs of return if the goods received are in conformity with those ordered. In any other case the return of the goods is exempt from charges.

The responsibility

After the fulfillment of his contractual obligation, the Seller would not take responsibility for any prejudices caused by the use of the Goods and Services after delivery, especially in case of loss.

The Seller would be considered responsible if his subcontractors or partners fail to fulfill their contractual obligations regarding the Order.

The Act of God

None of the part would take responsibility for failure to meet its contractual obligations if such a situation occurs due to an Act of God.


This contract complies with the Romanian law.