Dear partner

The wholesale company named Kaméleon Textil, founded in 1993, is at the top of Hungary's textile market. Our main field of activity is import of textiles for clothing, as well as wholesale supply of textiles and textile goods. 
We have high quality raw materials, purchased from our most notable partners in China, Turkey and India, partners with whom we have been maintaining old commercial relationships based on reliability. Our central warehouse in Budapest (5000 m²) offers an enormous and varied stock. Thus, we are able to honour even orders for larger amounts, ensuring continual supply for our customers.

We serve not only the local market, but also sell our products in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. Since 2008, we have also had an independent wholesaler in Romania. We are contacted more and more often by Western European producers, such as Austria, Germany, Sweden, Ireland and the UK. We are permanently expanding our international relationships, by regularly taking part in various specialty fairs (TexWorld and Prémiére Vision in Paris, Styl in Brno). Come 2012, we aim to be present in an even larger number of European countries (Poland, Bulgaria, Greece etc).

Our company's main range is cotton knit (various types: elastic, soft, brushed etc). We also offer mixed fibers fabrics: cotton – polyester, cotton – viscose, cotton woven cloth and various waterproof fabrics. Producers of children's, baby, sport and leisure clothing prefer our company, as we have an extremely varied range of raw materials for these branches. 

Taking into account the latest trends, we refresh our stock every season, and our offer expands with new colours and fabrics alongside the established fabrics.

We strive to supply a wide range of producers, but those producers who seek unique, novelty raw materials will also find in our stock goods which will please them. We have available even 30-60 different colours for certain types of fabrics in our stock. We have colour catalogs for all types of fabrics, where each colour is assigned a numeric code, thus facilitating our partners' orders. All our cotton fabrics are manufactured from high quality, open-end spun combed cotton fibers. We guarantee quality, colour fastness and unaltered dimensions. 

Stock management is based on a barcode system, which allows us to supply updated information on our current offer. For the purpose of speeding up the purchasing process, we accept your orders by phone or email, in order to facilitate the smooth flow of the production process. 

Visit us, request our catalogs, find out about the available stock !